OZ TUFF® Premium green couch turf

OZ TUFF® is a premium green couch turf variety suited for domestic lawns, commercial areas, coastal areas, parks and both community and elite sporting fields.

OZ TUFF® is an Australian bred variety which is dark green in colour, has a prostrate growth habit, strong root development at depth and minimal seed head production. Following independent scientific testing, OZ TUFF® has shown to possess salinity tolerance, low nutritional requirements, disease resistance and superior wear resistance and recovery making OZ TUFF® the number 1 choice for a sports turf.

High tolerance to:

  • Wear
  • Drought
  • Salinity
  • Pest and disease

Low tolerance to:

  • Nutritional requirements
  • Irrigation frequency
  • Maintenance
  • Seed head development
  • Growing habit

OZTUFF® Premium Turfgrass


Extensive root system aiding drought tolerance and wear recovery


Excellent choice for high profile recreational areas


Supreme salt tolerance suitable for coastal foreshores

PBR logo   OZ TUFF® is protected by Australian Plant Breeder' Rights (PBR) and United States Plant Patent as 'Oz-E-Green'.